a brief history of christianity in kerala

a brief history of christianity in kerala插图

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Thomas, one of the ApostlesApostles

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  • Who is the founder of Christianity in Kerala?

  • Kerala Christians boast of a history and culture as old as Christianity. The roots of Christianity in India can actually be traced back to the origin of Christianity. St. Thomas, one of the Apostles of Christ, is believed to be the founder of the religion in India in CE 52.

  • Which is the third most practiced religion in Kerala?

  • Christianity is the third-most practised religion in Kerala, accounting for 18% of the population according to the Indian census. Although a minority, the Christian population of Kerala is proportionally much larger than that of India as a whole. A significant portion of the Indian Christian population resides in the state.

  • What was the history of Christianity in India?

  • The Surprisingly Early History of Christianity in India Modern Syrian Christians of Kerala believe that the Apostle Thomas visited in A.D. 52 to baptize their ancestors A modern baptismal rite takes place in the same Paravur pond in which the Apostle Thomas reputedly baptized Indian nobility in the first century.

  • How big is the Christian population in Kerala?

  • Although Christians constitute only 18.4 percent of Kerala’s 34 million population, they remain a prominent presence in all sectors of social, political and economic endeavor. The worldwide Kerala Christian diaspora is prosperous and strong.