a community where priests taught christianity

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  • Who is the priest in the Christian church?

  • Priest, (from Greek presbyteros, “elder”), in some Christian churches, an officer or minister who is intermediate between a bishop and a deacon.

  • Where does a priest live in the Catholic Church?

  • A priest oftentimes will opt to live in a separate house located on the same property as the church, or in a home that is nearby, like across the street or a block away. 5. All priests don’t have the same mission. Sure, the mission of the priest is to get people to Heaven.

  • Who is the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church?

  • The Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican Churches apply the term priesthood both to the ministry of bishops and presbyters and, more fundamentally, to the baptized members of those communions. Despite historical and theological differences among these churches, there are strong commonalities in the meaning and function of priesthood.

  • What is the mission of a Catholic priest?

  • Sure, the mission of the priest is to get people to Heaven. Every priest is definitely called to that through their vows. But not all priests have the same lifestyle. Diocesan priests answer to the bishops of their diocese, don’t take a vow of poverty, and tend to the needs of the people in their parish.