a history of christianity in asia africa and latin america

a history of christianity in asia africa and latin america插图

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Taking the three continents in turn, the documents trace chronologically the transfer of Christianity from the beginning of Western colonization through the end of the Cold War. Traditional forms of Christianity in Asia and Africa are not covered.

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  • What was the population of Christianity in Africa in 1900?

  • The Explosion of Christianity in Africa. In the twentieth century, Christianity in Africa exploded from an estimated population of eight or nine million in 1900 (8 to 9%) to some 335 million in 2000 (45%), marking a shift in the “center of gravity of Christianity” from the West to Latin America, parts of Asia and Africa.

  • When did the Christianization of Latin America begin?

  • The conquest and Christianization of the mainland began with Hernando Cort s in Mexico (1519) and was extended to Peru by Francisco Pizarro (1531). These men were accompanied by priests, both regular and secular clergy.

  • Are there any Christian missionaries in Latin America?

  • Christians in Latin America have also been engaged in overseas Christian mission. Catholics have been sending missionaries for the longest period, including brothers and sisters in both religious and secular orders assigned to countries in Northern America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • How did the spread of Christianity affect Africa?

  • The spread of the faith in Africa represents perhaps the most dramatic advance in all Christian history, and yet the names and stories of persons chiefly responsible are largely unknown.