a history of christianity in asia vol 2

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How many people practice Christianity in Asia?

Spread of Christianity to Asia 1st century. As of 2021, there are nearly 383 million Christians in Asia. A 6th century Nestorian church, St. John the Arab, in the Assyrian village of Geramon. Christianity spread through the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean) from the 1st century AD.

What is the origin of christianty?

The history of Christianity concerns the Christian religion, Christian countries, and the Church with its various denominations, from the 1st century to the present. Christianity originated with the ministry of Jesus , a Jewish teacher and healer who proclaimed the imminent kingdom of God and was crucified c. AD 30–33 in Jerusalem in the Roman province of Judea .

When did Christianity start?

History of Christianity — how did it all start? Christianity started about 2000 years ago in Judea (present-day Israel) with Jesus Christ and His faithful group of disciples. During this period, Judea was a cross-cultural mecca of bustling cities and farms. The emperor of Rome was the ruler.

What is the truth about Christianity?

The Christian truth is the truth of God, through Jesus Christ the Living Word. This truth is our weapon against lies and falsehood. Through it we can discern and decipher truth from lies within and without. Hebrews 4:12 goes on to prove this point: For the word of God is living and active.

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"A wonderful addition to any library of historical works . . . will expand the understanding of ‘the Church’ as truly universal, transhistorical and multi- cultural, and never again to be reduced to or confused with the Church of Christendom. This book is a gift to us all." – Anthony J. Gittins

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4.5 out of 5 stars for A History of Christianity in Asia, Volume 1: Beginnings to 1500. View reviews of this product.

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This second volume of Samuel Moffett’s acclaimed History of Christianity in Asia illustrates the advance of the modern missionary movement in the continent of its birth. Like the first volume, it makes available immense research in a readable and engaging narrative.