a history of christianity in indonesia

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  • Why did the Portuguese bring Christianity to Indonesia?

  • The catholic one is believed to be carried by the Portuguese when they came to Indonesia for seeking the spices here. Along searching the spices and enslaving people in that time, they also “teach” them something special about their region, the catholic.

  • When did Islam become the religion in Indonesia?

  • In western Indonesia Gayoland, in inland Aceh, accepted Islam about 1700. The southern Batakland became Muslim in the aftermath of the Padri-movement (1803–1838). These were two inland developments, but in the coastal regions of Sumatra the decisive movements towards Islamisation had been completed about 1600.

  • Where did the people of Indonesia come from?

  • The Indonesian Province of Nusa Tenggara Timur, or the ‘Southeastern Islands’, had been reached by Austronesian migrants about 2000 BCE, travelling from the north through the Moluccas. Here they mixed with people of Papuan descent, who had arrived about a thousand years earlier from New Guinea.

  • Who was the founder of Christianity in South India?

  • The South Indian Thomas Christians trace their faith back to the Apostle Thomas and sometimes also to S. Bartholomew. Scholars are divided on this issue. The possibility of relatively easy travelling from Palestine via Egypt to South India in the first century cannot be denied by any serious scholar.