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  • Is there a mere Christianity Book 1 Chapter 1?

  • Mere Christianity Book 1, Chapter 1: The Law of Human Nature. LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, 12 Jan 2017. Web. 6 Aug 2021. Need something? Request a new guide.

  • Who was the first Christian to list 27 books?

  • These discussions focused on three main issues: whether the book was (1) ancient; (2) written by an apostle; and (3) widely accepted among Christians. It was not until 367 C.E. that a Christian named Athanasius listed the current 27 books as authoritative Christian Scripture.

  • Who was the author of the Acts of the Apostles?

  • Acts of the Apostles, written by the author of the third Gospel (“Luke”), begins after Jesus’ death and describes the spread of the Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, primarily through the missionary activity of the apostle Paul. Following Acts are 21 epistles or letters.

  • Who are the people who wrote the Gospels?

  • These books tell the stories about Jesus’ life, ministry, and death. The Gospels were written anonymously and came to be ascribed to disciples (Matthew and John) and associates of apostles (Mark and Luke) sometime in the second century.