a year into trumps presidency christians

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What has Donald Trump said about the Christian faith?

During his four year term, Trump has contradicted another major Christian concept that all people are created equal and worthy of equal opportunity. In a 2013 tweet, he dismissed the thousands of sexual assault cases in the military as simply what happens when men and women work together.

Did president Trump keep his promises to evangelical Christians?

President Trump has kept the promises he made to evangelical Christian leaders – and to all Christians – during his campaign. He chose a conservative, pro-life, pro-family running mate with a solid record

Should a Christian vote for the President?

A Christian should not even vote for president, any vote for any president is a vote for Satan, this seat of president and all governments of the world belongs to Satan, even Israel.

Is Evangelical support for President Trump conditional?

No other Republican nominee has ever pledged in writing to nominate pro-life judges. 6. Evangelical support for President Trump is conditional. If President Trump stops keeping his promises or reverts to his past inappropriate behavior, Christians will leave his base of support.

What do we look for in a president?

We look to a president for honesty, integrity … one who keeps his word … one who is a good persuader and negotiator … one who will put the interests and the security of Americans first in domestic and foreign policy matters.

What is the meaning of "accepting responsibility for past mistakes"?

Accepting responsibility for past mistakes – not trying to shift blame

Why are large corporations bringing capital back into the U.S.?

Large corporations are bringing capital held overseas back into the U.S. because of the corporate tax rate reduction.

Has Trump kept his promises to evangelicals?

5. President Trump has kept the promises he made to evangelical Christian leaders – and to all Christians – during his campaign.

When is Religious Freedom Day?

He proclaimed January 16, 2018 as Religious Freedom Day…

Do evangelicals justify immoral behavior?

Evangelical Christian leaders have never attempted to rationalize or excuse immoral behavior of any kind – whether actions or words.

Can Christians expect everything?

As Christians, we recognize that we can’t expect to ever have everything we want…

What does the Bible say about Jesus?

The Bible calls Christians to live a life as Jesus would and Trump has not made a discernable effort to come close to that standard.

What is the Christian faith?

The Christian faith, no matter what denomination, is staked in the belief that grace, justice, selflessness and honesty will bring one closer to God. Trump’s single-term presidency constantly contradicted the morals Christians vow to live their life by. Christians who unwaveringly support a man who does not embody Christ-like behavior are allowing …

What percentage of evangelicals support Trump?

Nevertheless, 72 percent of evangelical Protestants support Trump and believe he is doing his job well, according to a 16-day Pew Research Center survey that began on June 6. 59 percent of the evangelical Protestants who support Trump strongly approve of his methods, according to the same survey. During his four year term, Trump has contradicted …

What happened in 2020?

The year of 2020 has seen thousands of Americans slip into poverty and others have become disillusioned due to the racial and political climate. Throughout Trump’s presidency, he did not lead with compassion and inclusion as Jesus did. Instead, he perpetuated America’s problems with his divisive rhetoric.

Why was Cyrus welcomed with open arms?

Though he expanded his empire by invading and conquering other countries, Cyrus was often welcomed with open arms because the people were freed from the despots who ruled and abused them. He respected customs of all the nations he conquered and set up an administrative system that benefited and protected his citizens.

Who sent Cyrus away to be raised by a shepherd and his wife?

But according to Herodotus, the servant instead sent Cyrus away to be raised by a shepherd and his wife. When Cyrus eventually returned to his family, he quickly rose up in the ranks in Cambyses’s army and took over his dad’s kingdom when his father died.

Who was Cyrus born to?

According to Greek historian Herodotus, Cyrus was born to a Persian king Cambyses who ruled part of the empire of his father-in-law — Astyages. However, Astyages had a dream that he would be killed by his grandson Cyrus and ordered one of his servants to kill Cambyses’s son.