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Who the Hell is Lany?

It’s time to put your go-to playlist, with the same ol’ songs, to rest. Enter LANY (pronounced LAY-NEE), the alt-pop electronic band consisting of three members: Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss.

Who are enter Lany?

Enter LANY (pronounced LAY-NEE), the alt-pop electronic band consisting of three members: Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

Is Lany a coastal or southern band?

If the neon cowboy on the album cover wasn’t enough to tip you off, there’s a pretty clear attempt on mama’s boy to reroute LANY from a quirky coastal band to a “traditional values”-based southern one. This version of LANY is a bit closer to the truth — the band formed in Nashville, and Klein was born and raised in Oklahoma.

Who is the lead singer of LANY?

Prior to the departure of Les, LANY was a trio consisting of lead vocalist Paul Jason Klein, drummer Jake Clifford Goss, and Les as guitarist. The band has released three studio albums with the self-titled album LANY in 2017, Malibu Nights in 2018, Mama’s Boy in 2020, and gg bb xx in 2021.

What are the Lany boys used to?

The LANY boys are used to putting on electrifying shows where they can physically engage with their fanbase. That element of dropping an album has unfortunately changed due to the climate of the world in regards to the COVID-19 widespread pandemic and safety precautions. However, the band decided to roll with the punches and still find ways to ‘touch’ their fans. The band is very active in releasing new merchandise, an album zine, and song visuals. Paul talked about a collaboration in the works with Levi’s.

What kind of guitar is used in Lany?

A cohesive vibe is wrapped around the album like a book’s jacket. The traditional acoustic guitar is used now more than it’s ever been in a LANY project, and it’s working. The boys didn’t hold back on diving full force in the central theme of their project.

What does Klein sing about?

So, with transparency, he sings about all the things he’s done that may be considered "rulebreaking".

What is the album "The Full Circle" about?

Paul told us that the album to a certain extent was about the full-circle moment that happens after leaving your hometown to pursue your dreams and once you begin to achieve some of those dreams, remembering how important and integral your upbringing means to you.

Where did the band Malibu Nights come from?

They also collaborated with Julia Micheals and later linked up with Lauv last year with "Mean It" . After their last tour for their sophomore album, Malibu Nights, the band took a two-week trip to the city where they originally formed, Nashville. There they started writing and working on their next LP.

Where is the Lany band from?

10 months ago by Gregory Castel. The best way to appreciate where you are today is to see how far you’ve come. LANY, an indie-pop band from Los Angeles, now have their third album out, mama’s boy, and it comes at a time where the world seems to be in disarray.

Who wrote the number "Go easy on yourself and give yourself a sense of grace"?

Go easy on yourself and give yourself a sense of grace.”. This personal number was written with Sasha Sloan and Shane Mcanally. Paul admits that before meeting Mcanally, he didn’t know who he was. "Sasha was like, ‘hey, Shane really wants to write with you, and I’ll come with you.’.

What does the exes describe Klein as?

The exes describe Klein as “emotionally abusive,” speaking about how he manipulates and gaslights women and maintains “romantic” relationships with more than one girl at a time.

How old was Klein when she was in college?

One person explained how Klein did not ask how old she was before engaging in sexual relations, “he never asked [for my age] just asked if I was in college” This person was 19 at the time while Klein was 31.

When did "If you see her" come out?

According to the user, the lyrics of If You See Her, released in 2018, evokes a sense of unease— and replies affirmed her discomfort with the lyrics.

Who is the lead singer of Lany?

A Twitter thread released by hails (@hahlys) in December of last year, publicized messages from some exes of LANY’s lead singer, Paul Klein.

Does Lany have any official statements?

With all the accusations on those within (and around) the band, the artists themselves have not released any official statements regarding these issues. It’s important to note that all of these are allegations, but possibly even more important to note is the fact that LANY chooses to ignore these rather than address them.

Did Lewis Usher step down from Lany?

After these accusations were publicized, Usher tweeted that he was “stepping down” from his roles with LANY. Via Lewis Usher on Twitter.

Is it one thing to date everyone?

One ex states that “it’s one thing to date, almost everyone does . It’s another to consistently go for vulnerable people and use your power over them to manipulate them while building your career off young people and claiming to be something you’re not.”