are libertarianism and christianity compatible

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  • Is the libertarian political program compatible with Christianity?

  • The political program of libertarianism is to protect the life, liberty, and property of citizens, not to construct a new way of life. But libertarianism need not involve moral relativism, she said. One need not embrace selfishness as a virtue to advance a libertarian political program as a Christian.

  • How is thick libertarianism compatible with Christian morality?

  • As a prescription for social relations, “thick libertarianism” could be seen as in conflict with Christian morality, if adverse judgment against others cannot be expressed in speech and action. “Thin libertarianism” means “don’t bring in the government” to prescribe a way of life. Christians shouldn’t expect non-Christians to be moral.

  • Why are Libertarians commonly non-Christian and resist the Christian religion?

  • Daniel considered why libertarians are commonly non-Christian and resist the Christian religion. The first reason is that Christianity is held to discourage rational inquiry. But this is simplistic, she said, and it might be added, ignores the unprovable assumptions anyone needs to be able to think.

  • Is the Old Testament a binding law for Christians?

  • Since the civil law of the Old Testament is not binding for Christians, and since we are bound to keep the moral law, a “Christian libertarianism” or an alliance of Christians and libertarians might be possible.