are masons christians

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While in America, most Masons are Christian and will display a Bible on their altar, in the same lodges or elsewhere, Jews, Muslims, Hindus or other non-Christian religions can be admitted and may use their own sacred Scriptures.

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  • What are masons religious beliefs?

  • Masonry believes in religious freedom and that the relationship between the individual and God is personal, private, and sacred. Volume of the Sacred Law. An open volume of the Sacred Law, the rule and guide of life, is an essential part of every Masonic meeting.

  • Can a mason be a Christian?

  • A Christian can be a Mason and many, many Christians and pastors have been members of Free Masonry down through the years. Essentially, Masonry does not push any religion, except the believe in a higher Power. When I was a mason, we had regular church parades at which all the Lodge attended.

  • Do Free Masons believe in God?

  • Everyone is free to worship the God he believes in and to practice his beliefs. In addition to this, the book of Constitution claims that Freemasons must “ leave their particular opinions to themselves ” with regards to religion (and politics) and are not compelled to alter their beliefs.

  • Should Christians join the Masonic Lodge?

  • Freemasonry does not deal with the occult, so certain Christians feel they can still be good Christians by being Freemasons, as Freemasonry allows each member to worship in his own way. First of all, it is important to keep in mind that Freemasonry accepts every religion.