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Is there a Knights Templar in the United States?

Knights Templar The United States may be a relatively young country, having been founded in 1776, but it has some ties with the Middle Ages. The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (SMOTJ) was founded in the 1960s in the United States, following in the footsteps of the Knights Templar, a Christian order dating back to the Crusades.

What did the Knights Templar do in the Crusades?

Expanded Duties of the Knights. Though its original purpose was to protect pilgrims from danger, the Knights Templar progressively expanded its duties. They became defenders of the Crusader states in the Holy Land and were known as brave, highly skilled warriors.

Did the Catholic Church persecute the Knights Templar?

The Catholic Church has acknowledged that the persecution of the Knights Templar was unjustified. The church claims that Pope Clement was pressured by secular rulers to destroy the order.

Were the Knights Templar feminine?

T he Temple Rule proves that the Knights Templar were always dedicated to honouring the Divine Feminine principle, as the spiritual feminine aspect of God. Using a special Old French word for the feminine face of God, it declares: “ The good works of Our Lady of God [Damedieu] are with us ” (Rule 2).

What did Solomon make in the Tower of Solomon?

These “ might men” and their arms had become nothing more than legends and tales. Solomon had made their bucklers and shields museum pieces in the tower. A casual perusal of 1 Chronicles 11:22-23 reveals the character of these mighty men.

How long did Solomon’s kingdom be challenged?

Of course, this is just one of many illustrations of the “ Mighty Men of David .” Because of these men, Solomon was barely challenged for forty years. Good thing too, the nation became soft and compromised and shortly after Solomon’s death, the Kingdom divided and eventually fell to the enemy.

What does "we value success over substance" mean?

We value success over substance, and we place the need of man over God and His glory. It was in such a world as ours that the Knights Templar marched with integrity and honor and by the Grace of Almighty God, made a difference. So can we in our day.

What does it mean to be a Knight Templar?

What it Means To Be a Knight Templar Today. The original premise of those nine”French knights who came to Jerusalem in 1118 A.D was strictly Christian in intent. These Poor Fellow soldiers of Jesus Christ blended the character of the monk with that of the soldier and thus these powerful and devoted military friars became the Delta Force, …

Who killed the seven footer?

Benaiah slew two lion-like men of Moab and he slew a lion in a pit on a snowy day! He singlehandedly fell upon an Egyptian soldier who stood over seven feet tall, taking the Egyptian’s own spear out of his hand with which he killed the seven footer. That spear, most likely was in Solomon’s museum.

What became of the Templar Order after 1312 ?

Is it possible that the Order of the Temple survived its destruction in 1312 ? If so, how does this spirit manifest itself today, in the 21st century ?

What did the Knights of the Temple do?

The Templars in the East fulfilled their task towards the papacy, without failing, without demerits. Abandoned by all the Western lords from 1250, they defended the Latin States alone with the Hospitallers and the Teutonics. The year 1250 sounded the death knell for the slow agony of Near Eastern Christianity. In 1250 they fought 1 against 3, then 1 against 10 in 1291, and were crushed definitively in Acre in 1291.

What is the meaning of the resurrection of Christ?

As the Eternal One infinitely envelops our very short earthly time, the Resurrection of Christ infinitely overflows History, which cannot "contain" it : but it strikes History with full force and gives it an irreversible meaning, towards the forward and upward, which guides the commitment of the Christian through the centuries. The Modern Knight of the Order of the Knights Templar commits himself in an equally irreversible way (and this is only possible with the grace of God) : he dedicates himself to witnessing, in all aspects of his own life and in an age undermined by the absurd, to the hope that comes from the Risen One crossing the sepulcher !

What does it mean to be a Knight Templar?

Being a Knight Templar today means affirming one’s Christian faith (respecting the dogma of Christianity) while respecting the world around us, it also means getting to know oneself better in order to improve oneself, as you will have understood : it is a daily quest. The Order of the Knights Templar celebrated its 900th anniversary in 2018.

What is the spirituality of the knight?

In the heart of the night, the work of the Resurrection is accomplished without the disciples’ knowledge and without merit on their part : on the contrary, they are prey to doubt and despair… Until the upheaval of Easter dawn. Then gratitude lifts them up ! In a Europe which has become almost alien to Christian culture, and where faith must be revealed anew, the New Evangelization goes through the discovery of this impulse of gratitude, which unpredictably satisfies man’s thirst and anguish.

What does the word "chivalry" mean in modern society?

In our modern society, the word "chivalry" always evokes a strong symbol, in which she perceives the image of values she feels the need for faith in Christ, generosity, commitment without calculation. According to some psycho-sociologists, the society of the 21st century dreams of abandoning the values of the end of the 20th century (reign of the materialism of the profit of the egoism, etc…). Nowadays, the gift, the gratuity, the generosity return in force in the heart of the modern society. This modern society aspires not to let blind forces and obscurantism bruise the time. This is precisely the message contained in the encyclical Caritas in Veritate published by Benedict XVI in 2009. Benedict XVI advocates social and solidarity enterprises, networks of mutual generosity, and calls for a different idea of living together, one that is drawn from the depths of the Christian tradition. The Pope’s vision ("to feel responsible for all") applies to all levels of society. In § 6, the encyclical says that justice is "the first way of charity". In § 7 it emphasizes that acting for the common good builds "that Universal City of God towards which the history of the human family is advancing". Thus, according to Benedict XVI, justice and the common good are the two criteria of Christian social commitment in the 21st century, in a society "on the path of globalization". These immutable criteria have been valid for every century for almost two thousand years.

Do fundamental rights end where others begin?

Never forget that your fundamental rights and freedom end where those of others begin.

Why did the Templars stay in the Holy Land?

The Templars remained in the Holy Land to protect the Crusader states during the course of the 13th century, with several attempts to regain control of the region.

How many members does SMOTJ have?

The organization counts over 10,000 members worldwide, including 1,500 in the United States. While SMOTJ reenacts the traditions of the Knights Templar, its members do not see themselves as mere reenactors: they see themselves as emulators of the Medieval order with a mission to revive the mission and form of Christian traditions practiced by …

Why were the Templars bound for destruction?

Having lost their original purpose to protect the Holy Land, and facing greater opposition to their wealth and power, the Templars were bound for destruction.

What was the Pope’s letter to the Templars?

In 1139, Innocent II issued a Papal Bull – an official letter from the Pope – that exempted the Templars from paying taxes and allowed them to build their own places of worship. Showing their great power and independence, they were also placed under the sole direct authority of the Pope himself.

How long did the Knights Templar tunnel stay hidden?

Read another story from us: A Secret Knights Templar Tunnel that Remained Hidden for 700 Years

What was the importance of the Templars?

As new chapters of the order were established all over Europe, the Templars established an important banking network, says. Holding a significant part of Europe’s wealth, the Templars were at their most influential during the 12th century. However, with this great influence and power came a stronger European opposition, most particularly from the rival order of the Knights Hospitallers.

What is the Smotj?

The modern-day Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (SMOTJ) traces its origins to an organization named Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani, a revived Templar organization which was granted chivalry status by French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in 1805, Smithsonian Magazine reports.

Who were the Knights Templar?

On Christmas day1119, King of Jerusalem Baldwin II persuaded a group of French knights led by Hugh de Payne to save their souls by protecting pilgrims traveling the Holy Land. Many of them were killed as they crossed through Muslim-controlled territories during their journey. With the support of Baldwin II, they set the headquarters on that city’s sacred Temple Mount.

What are the Knights of the Temple associated with?

The modern Knights Templar are associated with legends. Masonic writers added their speculations in the 18th century. At the beginning of the 1960s, the publications surrounded the Templar Mount’s early occupation in Jerusalem about the temple relics found there, such as the Holy Grail quest.

What was the Chinon Parchment?

In 2001, a document referred to as Chinon Parchment was discovered in the Vatican Secret of Archives after being wrongly filled in 1628. The document was the Templars’ trial and showed that Clement absolved the Templars of all heresies in 1308 before disbanding the order in 1312.

Where is La Rochelle located?

La Rochelle is a city located on the central west coast of France and a seaport on the Bay of Biscay. The city traces its origin back to the Gallo-Roman period. The opening of the English market following the second marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine 1152 and the Knights Templar’s presence made this town the largest port on the Atlantic.

Where is Kolossi Castle?

Kolossi Castle is a crusader on the south-west of the Kolossi village on the island of Cyprus. It holds importance in the Middle Ages and includes large facilities for the production of sugar from the local sugarcane.

Where is Saphitha located?

It was an Arab Palestinian village, situated on the southern banks of Wadi, Ajjur, and northwest of Hebron. Archaeological excavations showed that the site was inhabited since the 5th millennium BC and appeared on the Madaba Map as Saphitha.

Where is the 3rd holiest site in Islam?

Situated in the old city of Jerusalem, AI-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site in Islam. This mosque was built on top of the Temple Mount. People, especially Muslims, believe that Muhammad was carried from the Great Mosque of Mecca to Al-Aqsa during the night journey.

What is a templar spirituality?

H istorically, Templar spirituality is a more conservative form of esoteric Gnosticism, which is wholly compatible with the canonical Christian Mysticism of classical Catholicism. Gnostic spirituality generally concentrates on direct personal Divine Communion through the Holy Spirit.

What is Templar Interfaith Cooperation?

Notice: Templar interfaith cooperation rejects and prohibits the modern “ecumenical” trend of “mixing” and “blending” of religions, and requires strictly preserving the distinct and authentic heritage of each historical tradition separate ly.

What is the Temple Rule of 1129 AD?

This fact is evidenced by the Temple Rule of 1129 AD as a Papal Decree (Rule 3, Rule 7, Rule 8). This is further confirmed by the Papal Bull Omne Datum Optimum of 1139 AD, which refers to “ your own religion [vestra religio] ” with its own “ religious life ”, recognizes the Ancient Magi Priesthood from the Temple of Solomon as “ the source and origin [fons et origo] of your Holy institution and Order ”, and “ recognize [s] the authority [concedimus facultatem]… of the Holy Temple ” as an autonomous priesthood of Templar spirituality [ 13 ].

What were the confessions under torture?

The “confessions” under torture followed a list of false charges predetermined by the French King, relying on recruited “witnesses” who had been expelled from the Templar Order for serious wrongdoing [ 18 ] , and were given immunity from any punishment even if their accusations were proven false [ 19 ].

Why did the Knights Templar sing?

The 12 th century Knights Templar focused entirely on vocal “Chants”, to avoid adding musical instruments to already burdensome military equipment, and to best support individual spiritual meditation. A distinctive style of “Templar Chants” later became popularized as part of the “Gregorian” style, although the Templar style is characterized by some more ancient features of asynchronous timing and exotic melodic scales.

Where are the Templar Chants?

The original Templar Chants survived in the 12 th century Manuscript of the Holy Sepulchre, which is preserved in the Musée Condé in France [ 27 ], and continue to be studied and chanted by cultural Templars and members of the restored Templar Order in the modern era.

Is a templar a Gnostic?

Templar Spirituality as Canonical Christian Mysticism. H istorically, Templar spirituality is a more conservative form of esoteric Gnosticism, which is wholly compatible with the canonical Christian Mysticism of classical Catholicism. Gnostic spirituality generally concentrates on direct personal Divine Communion through the Holy Spirit.

What does the Scottish Knight Templar do?

The Scottish Knight Templar takes an oath to engage in knightly combat both in the temporal and spiritual realms: to work through our respective governments and churches to defend the persecuted church on earth, and to pray without ceasing for the defeat of the powers of darkness that are behind the persecution of the church.

What is the Knighthood?

Knighthood takes the concept of personal responsibility to the “next level.” Knowing that many of their fellow men and women will do nothing, those who aspire to knighthood believe that it is incumbent upon them to do that much more.

What is the role of a knight?

The traditional role of the knight was to defend the defenseless, to be pious in worship and in dealings with others, and to maintain one’s personal honor above all costs. Such knightly values might seem out of place in the 21st century, with so much emphasis on “me,” money, and materialism—but a few individuals still believe life is truly not worth living unless it serves a higher purpose. Such individuals believe that “living into a holy life,” and not material success, is the most important thing to which we can aspire. These are the kind of men and women that we are seeking to join the Scottish Knights Templar!

What is the importance of knighthood?

The essential quality of knighthood was complete devotion to one’s sovereign, in the case of secular knights , or complete devotion to Jesus Christ and His church, in the case of knights belonging to one of the religious Orders. Knights of both types devoted themselves to skill of arms. In fact, the term virtue once referred to a knight’s skill with his sword and other weapons, rather than to morality or character traits as it does today. Whether religious or secular, however, a knight was expected to be unrelenting in battle, fearless in the face of hopeless odds, and magnanimous in victory.

How many Christians are martyred in the last century?

More Christians were martyred in the last century than in all previous centuries combined. The current rate of martyrdom has been estimated at 159,000 Christians a year, and it is projected to climb.

Do knights and dames fight poverty?

Those who become knights and dames know that although there are government agencies and private charities to fight poverty, and militaries and police agencies to fight the enemies of our country and its citizens, these are not enough. They know that unless good men and good women take personal responsibility for making the world a better place to live, not all the organizations and agencies in existence will keep the forces of darkness at bay.

Is there still a place for knights and dames?

Our Order believes that there is still a place for knights and dames in the 21st century. We believe there will always be a place for knights and dames as long as there is poverty and the persecution of the church.

Who Were the Knights Templar?

After Christian armies captured Jerusalem from Muslim control in 1099 during the Crusades, groups of pilgrims from across Western Europe started visiting the Holy Land. Many of them, however, were robbed and killed as they crossed through Muslim-controlled territories during their journey.

Why did the Knights Templar lose their foothold in the Muslim world?

There, King Philip IV of France resolved to bring down the order, perhaps because the Templars had denied the indebted ruler additional loans.

What is the Da Vinci Code about?

The popular novel and film The Da Vinci Code presents a theory that the Templars were involved in a conspiracy to preserve the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

What happened on October 13th 1307?

On Friday, October 13, 1307, scores of French Templars were arrested, including the order’s grand master Jacques de Molay. Many of the knights were brutally tortured until they confessed to false charges, which included heresy, homosexuality, financial corruption, devil-worshipping, fraud, spitting on the cross and more.

What were the responsibilities of the Knights Templar?

Expanded Duties of the Knights. The Fall of the Knights Templar. Arrests and Executions. The Knights Templar Today. Sources: The Knights Templar was a large organization of devout Christians during the medieval era who carried out an important mission: to protect European travelers visiting sites in the Holy Land while also carrying out military …

What island did the Templars own?

At the height of their influence, the Templars boasted a sizable fleet of ships, owned the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and served as a primary bank and lending institution to European monarchs and nobles.

What did the Templars swear?

Members swore an oath of poverty, chastity and obedience. They weren’t allowed to drink, gamble or swear. Prayer was essential to their daily life, and the Templars expressed particular adoration for the Virgin Mary.

How old is the Order of Poor Fellow Soldiers?

A Brief History of the Order of Poor Fellow Soldiers. The Order of the Temple, or "Knights Templar," is 900 years old, and rich in history. It was founded in 1118 A.D. by nine French knights who traveled to the Holy Land. They banded together as the first religious / military Order of Knighthood, initially formed to protect Christian pilgrims …

Is the Chivalric Knighthood a Christian or secular order?

It is both a Religious and secular Christian Ecumenical Order.

Is the Masonic Order a church?

It is not a church itself, a "religious movement," Masonic Order, or a "historical re-enactment" organization. It simply requires that its members be baptized Christians, accepting the teachings of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Spiritual Master.