are ouija boards against christianity

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  • Can a Christian play with an ouija board?

  • “Playing” with a Ouija board is engaging in occultism and definitely not an option for a Christian. Seeking wisdom apart from God, especially when it involves calling upon familiar spirits or the spirits of the departed, is clearly forbidden in the Bible.

  • What kind of Ouija board is in Poundland?

  • Spirit boards (the Poundland version of Hasbro’s Ouija board) are flat boards with numbers and letters on with a pointer, through which people have tried to contact the dead.

  • What does a planchette say on an ouija board?

  • A planchette, or pointer, is used to spell out words and answer simple questions. Supposedly, the Ouija board named itself—when asked what the makers should call it, the board spelled out “o-u-i-j-a,” which the board then interpreted to mean “good luck.” Many people see Ouija boards as harmless entertainment.

  • How does a pointer work on an ouija board?

  • Occultists will insist that the Ouija boards work by allowing spirits to move the pointer in answer to queries. Scientists have yet to prove that the pointer is moved by anything other than the living people touching the pointer.