are rhett and link christians

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Before their career as YouTubers, Rhett and Link were committed Christians who served with Campus Crusade for Christ. They both acknowledged how important their faith was to them. So what happened? The best way to know is to actually listen to their stories.

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  • What can we learn from Rhett and link?

  • Rhett and Link’s Christian community is in many ways representative of a now-faded era in which most Western cultures embodied a generally unquestioned Christian worldview. Until relatively recently, most people in these communities simply took for granted Christian beliefs about God, the creation of the world, morality and the afterlife.

  • Who are the wives of Rhett and link?

  • Here are interesting facts about the Rhett and Link wives on GMM. Jessica Lane McLaughlin is best known as the wife of Rhett James McLaughlin. She is an influencer and author. Jessie was born in southern Cali but grew up in North Carolina. Her nationality is American, but she has Caucasian roots.

  • Why are Rhett and link a spiritual deconstruction?

  • 1. Rhett and Link’s collective spiritual deconstruction isn’t ultimately a deconstruction of the Christian faith but of Christian subculture. Both guys were raised in an environment that assumed Christianity as a part of the culture, and ultimately that did them a grave disservice. At one point, Rhett asked a very good question.

  • What kind of brothers are Rhett and link?

  • Are Rhett and Link brothers? The two YouTubers have been together for most of their lives, and most of their fans think they are blood brothers. However, they are not brothers. Although the two are not biological brothers, the pair is more of brothers than friends as they have maintained their friendship since they were children.