are the masonic lodge members christians

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The answer to this question is simple,FreemasonryFreemasonryFreemasonry or Masonry consists of fraternal organisations that trace their origins to the local fraternities of stonemasons that from the end of the fourteenth century regulated the qualifications of stonemasons and their interaction with authorities and clients. The degrees of Freemaso…en.wikipedia.orgis a cult and followers of Jesus Christ have no business associating with the Masonic Lodge!Freemasonry as it is known today was formally organized in the 18th century in England and Scotland.

Are Masonic Lodge rites and instruction Christian?

The deeper you analyse Lodge rites and instruction it becomes obvious we are looking at an institution that is contrary to God’s pattern for Christian practice. The elaborate, highly ritualistic, Masonic Lodge organisation with all its elaborate degrees, rites and secrets clearly belongs far outside the bounds of evangelical Protestantism.

Is Freemasonry compatible with Christianity?

Freemasonry, to its very core, is a false, man-made religion that is totally incompatible with biblical Christianity. Any person who claims to follow Jesus Christ while also participating in the Masonic Lodge must repent and leave the Lodge at once. Jesus demands our full allegiance.

What do Masons believe about religion?

One thing that is important to understand is that Masons do not discriminate against people of any religious background- they only require that their members have a belief in a god, any god. The name of a person’s god is not important to the Masonic Lodge.

Can followers of Jesus Christ join the Masonic Lodge?

The answer to this question is simple, Freemasonry is a cult and followers of Jesus Christ have no business associating with the Masonic Lodge! Freemasonry as it is known today was formally organized in the 18th century in England and Scotland.

How do I join the Masonic Lodge?

To begin, each prospective Mason must go thru an initiation process where they are blindfolded, with a noose placed around their neck, and led, with a sword to their chest, into the inner room of the Lodge where an altar is set-up. Behind the alter stands a man called “The Worshipful Master.” He is the master of the Lodge and presides over the initiation ceremony. All prospective Masons will bow down before “The Worshipful Master” and say the following, “I am lost in darkness, and I need the light of Freemasonry.” Following this declaration, the initiate is required to take a blood oath, swearing allegiance to the Lodge and pledging to protect all of the secrets of Masonry. This blood oath, repeated by every Mason who has joined the Lodge goes like this, “Binding myself under no less a penalty than having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the rough sands of the sea…” Blood oaths such as this one are not limited to the initiation ceremony, but are repeated at each new degree as the Mason progresses through the secrets of Freemasonry.

How many degrees are there in the Blue Lodge?

The Blue Lodge consists of 3 levels or degrees (1st entered apprentice degree; 2nd fellowcraft degree; 3rd master mason degree). After going thru the 3 degrees of the Blue Lodge, the Mason has the choice to stay in the Blue Lodge or seek the advanced degrees thru the York Rite or Scottish Rite branches of Masonry (many Masons will do both branches).

What is the goal of Freemasonry?

Thus, the goal of Freemasonry is to discover the true identity of god. Masons say that the name of the true god was lost when the architect of Solomon’s temple, Hiram Abiff, was murdered; and so, the goal of Masonry is to progress through the degrees of the Lodge to learn the true identity of god. This process further reveals the occult nature …

What is the Blue Lodge in Freemasonry?

What originally began as a trade guild for stonemasons gradually evolved into a religious organization that masks its true nature behind a façade of fraternal and charitable activities. The journey into Freemasonry begins in what is called the Blue Lodge.

What is the symbolism of the red fez hat?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, most Shriners have no idea about the symbolism portrayed on the red fez hats they proudly wear. Each red Fez worn by the Shriners has on the front an Islamic sword and crescent moon prominently displayed and encrusted with jewels. The crescent moon is the most common Islamic symbol.

What is the secret password of the Scottish Rite?

On the way to discovering the true identity of god, the Mason, in the 17th degree of the Scottish Rite, is first given a secret password and a sacred word that will allow them to continue their progression through the degrees of the Lodge; this sacred word of Masonry is “Abbadon”.

How can a Christian ever say they are lost in the darkness and need the light of Freemasonry?

First, how can a true Christian ever say that they are “lost in darkness and need the light of Freemasonry”? The Bible says in 1 John 1:4-7, “If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” If you are a genuine Christian you cannot be lost in the darkness. If Christ lives in you, you have the light that brings life to all men!

What was the effect of the decade between 1826 and 1836 on Freemasonry?

The decade between 1826 and 1836 represented troublesome years for the Masonic Order. After several incidents that cast a negative light on Freemasonry, (4) a growing anti-Masonic sentiment began to emerge. As a result, there was a mass exodus of Christians from the Lodge, thereby creating a vacuum to be filled by those who held a non-Christian view of Masonry. During this time Albert Pike seized the opportunity to spread and entrench his pagan interpretation of the Craft. Pike and others began to reinterpret the symbols of the Craft.

How long did Freemasonry evolve?

As the evolution of modern Freemasonry took place over a period of several hundred years, it continued to be influenced by those who held an occultic worldview. For them, the Craft was a revival of the ancient mysteries.

What does Pike say about religion?

Pike, in his book Morals and Dogma, says this about religion and Freemasonry: “Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion; and its teachings are instruction in religion.”. (10) According to the modern day interpreters of Masonry, it has now taken its logical place as the unifier of all religions.

What is the history of Freemasonry?

Freemasonry : Its Background and History. There are probably few subject s as shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding as that of Freemasonry. Known under a variety of names (the Craft, the Brotherhood, the Order, the Fraternal Order, the Lodge, etc.), Masonry has been aligned with both the Christian church and the occult.

What was the impact of the anti-Masonic movement on Freemasonry?

The anti-Masonic movement dealt Freemasonry a severe blow. However, the exodus of large numbers of Christians proved to be a stabilizing factor (5) for the non-Christian forces of the Craft. Once the Christian majority had left the Craft, Pike was then able to redesign it in a way that would support his pagan views.

Why are Freemasons called Sons of Light?

“Freemasons are emphatically called the Sons of Light, because they are in possession of the true meaning of the symbol ; while the profane or uninitiated who have not received this knowledge are said to be in darkness.” (21) In other words, the Mason has been delivered from the darkness into the light and is elevated above those who have not received the initiation into the degrees and mysteries of Freemasonry.

Was Pike involved in paganization?

Their influence, however, wasn’t enough to offset the growing paganization of the Lodge.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is the teachings and practices of the secret fraternal (men-only) order of Free and Accepted Masons, known as Freemasons or Masons. The Freemasons are the oldest and largest worldwide secret society, with an estimated 3 million members around the world, including 1 million in the United States. In addition to the main body of Freemasonry, there are various offshoots, such as the Shriners (known formally as the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shriners, they are also required to be Masons).

Should Christians be involved in Freemasonry?

Christians involved in Freemasonry may justify their involvement by claiming that it’s a matter of conscience. While they may be correct, a naked appeal to conscience is insufficient to resolve the question. As we’ve repeatedly seen over the past decade, appealing to one’s conscience has become the primary way Christians in America justify their engagement in unbiblical behavior and alignment with anti-Christian associations. A better test would be for Christians who are Masons to ask themselves, Is my participation in Freemasonry bringing glory to God?

Why was the NAMB report criticized?

Because many Southern Baptists—including pastors— were involved in Freemasonry, the report was widely criticized. In 2002, NAMB issued a follow-up report titled, “A Closer Look at Freemasonry.” The report concludes by noting that while many Christians and leaders have been and are Masons, “several points of the lodge’s teachings are non-biblical and non-Christian.” It also states that “while Freemasonry encourages and supports charitable activities, it contains both multireligious and inclusivistic teachings that are not Christian in its religious instruction.”

Why do freemasons omit the name of Jesus?

Freemasons omit the name of Jesus when they use biblical texts in their rituals. “Frequently in Masonic ritual the inspired Word of God is seriously mutilated, and in many instances this mutilation consists in the omission of the name of Jesus Christ.

What is the basic unit of Freemasonry?

The basic, local organizational unit of Freemasonry is the Lodge, which is usually overseen at the regional level (state, province, or national border) by a Grand Lodge. An applicant for admission to a Masonic lodge is required to be an adult male, and believe in the existence of a Supreme Being and in the immortality of the soul.

What is the worship of the Masons?

Its worship and prayers are idol worship. The Masons may not with their hands have made an idol out of gold, silver, wood or stone, but they created one with their own mind and reason out of purely human thoughts and ideas. The latter is an idol no less than the former.”. – Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

What are the three degrees of a freemason?

The experience of becoming a Freemason is divided into three ceremonial stages that Masons call “degrees.” These three degrees are loosely based on the journeyman system, which was used to educate medieval craftsmen: entered apprentice, fellow craft , and master Mason. The degrees symbolically represent the “three stages of human development: youth, manhood, and age.”

What does the Bible say about freemasonry?

The following is a comparison of what the Bible says with the "official" position of Freemasonry: The Bible’s View: Jesus became the sinner’s sacrifice before God when He shed His blood and died as the propitiation (payment) for the sins of all those who would ever believe ( Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 5:8, John 3:16 ).

What does Freemasonry believe?

Freemasonry, Eastern Star, and other similar "secret" organizations appear to be harmless fellowship gatherings. Many of them appear to promote belief in God. However, upon closer examination, we find that the only belief requirement is not that one must believe in the True and Living God, but rather, that one must believe in the existence of a “Supreme Being”, which includes the “gods” of Islam, Hinduism, or any other world religion. The unbiblical and anti-Christian beliefs and practices of this organization are partially hidden beneath an outward appearance of a supposed compatibility with the Christian faith. The following is a comparison of what the Bible says with the "official" position of Freemasonry:

What does Masonry lead Christians into?

5. By demanding that Christians take the Masonic oath, Masonry leads Christians into blasphemy and taking the name of the Lord in vain.

What does it mean to swear the Masonic Oath?

By swearing the Masonic oath and participating in the doctrines of the Lodge, Christians are perpetuating a false gospel to other Lodge members, who look only to Masonry’s plan of salvation to get to heaven.

What does the Bible say about humans?

The Bible’s View: All humans are born with a sinful nature, are totally depraved, and need a Savior from sin ( Romans 3:23, Romans 5:12, Psalm 51:5, Ephesians 2:1 ). The Bible denies that because of the Fall, humanity has within itself the capacity for moral perfection ( 1 John 1:8-10, Romans 1:18-25 ).

What is the Bible’s view?

The Bible’s View: The supernatural and plenary inspiration of the Scriptures— that they are inerrant and that their teachings and authority are absolute, supreme, and final. The Bible is the Word of God ( 2 Timothy 3:16, 1 Thessalonians 2:13 ).

What does it mean when a Christian takes the oath of freemasonry?

That salvation can be gained by man’s good works. 2.

Who is the founder of the Illuminati?

Founder of the Illuminati organisation and former Jesuit Priest Adam Weishaupt once boasted, “The most wonderful thing of all is that the distinguished Lutheran and Calvinist theologians who belong to our Order [the Illuminati] really believe that they see in it the true and genuine sense of the Christian religion. Oh, mortal man, is there any thing you cannot be made to believe?” (‘The Worlds Last Dictator’ p. 15).

What does God say about ritualism?

God ’s Word says: “What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it” (Deuteronomy 12:32). The Reformation dealt a shattering blow to ritualism within the Church because the Reformers believed in the supreme authority and simplicity of the Word of God.

Is the Masonic Lodge paganism?

The Masonic Lodge (and its rituals) is, in reality, paganism in disguise. Only Satan could devise a ceremony, which could so commonly be shared throughout the world by Protestant Orangemen, Masons and Witches alike. The Bible warns, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world” (1 Peter 5:8-9).