are there a lot of christians in the navy

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Should a Christian serve in the military?

A Christian considering the military should prayerfully consider these questions and then follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. Strong, Spirit-filled believers are needed in the military, just like they are needed in every other field of endeavor. Military service is an honorable option, but, in most cases, it’s only one option.

Does the Bible condemn the military?

That does not apply to most wartime situations. It’s popular among more liberal Christians (and Quakers) to categorically condemn war and the military. However, such a position is not a biblical concept, and to claim otherwise is deceptive. Of course, that doesn’t mean that joining the military is the right choice for everyone.

What should the Church teach military members and veterans?

Yet, church leaders should also teach military virtues which are taught in Scripture: “loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and courage” (William Barrick, “ The Christian and War ”). Churches should come alongside military members and veterans in order to display the love of Christ.

Were New Testament Christians allowed to be soldiers?

Though the early church was generally pacifist, the New Testament Christians were not prohibited from serving as soldiers. For example, in Luke 3:14, as John the Baptizer called the crowd to repentance, the tax collectors and soldiers who accompanied them asked John what they should do.

What did the centurion do to Jesus?

The centurion’s response to Jesus indicated his clear understanding of authority, as well as his faith in Jesus ( Matthew 8:5-13 ). Jesus did not denounce his career.

What did Saul begin and what did David continue to do?

What Saul began, David continued. He increased the army, brought in hired troops from other regions who were loyal to him alone ( 2 Samuel 15:19-22) and turned over the direct leadership of his armies to a commander-in-chief, Joab.

What does the New Testament say about centurions?

Many centurions mentioned in the New Testament are praised as Christians, God-fearers, and men of good character ( Matthew 8:5; 27:54; Mark 15:39-45; Luke 7:2; 23:47; Acts 10:1; 21:32; 28:16 ). The places and the titles may have changed, but our armed forces should be just as valued as the centurions of the Bible.

What is the first example of military service?

The first example of military service is found in the Old Testament ( Genesis 14 ), when Abraham’s nephew Lot was kidnapped by Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, and his allies. Abraham rallied to Lot’s aid by gathering 318 trained men of his household and defeating the Elamites. Here we see armed forces engaged in a noble task—rescuing and protecting the innocent.

Why did Israel have a standing army?

The sense that God was the Divine Warrior and would protect His people regardless of their military strength may have been a reason why Israel was slow to develop an army.

Does the Bible say that soldiers are strong?

For example, Paul describes Epaphroditus, a fellow Christian, as a “fellow soldier” ( Philippians 2:25 ). The Bible also uses military terms to describe being strong in the Lord by putting on the whole armor of God ( Ephesians 6:10-20 ), including the tools of the soldier—helmet, shield, and sword. Yes, the Bible does address serving in …

Does the Bible say that you should serve in the military?

The Bible contains plenty of information about serving in the military. While many of the Bible’s references to the military are only analogies, several verses directly relate to this question. The Bible does not specifically state whether or not someone should serve in the military. At the same time, Christians can rest assured that being a soldier is highly respected throughout the Scriptures and know that such service is consistent with a biblical worldview.

What should a Christian do when he is conscripted into the military?

If, however, a Christian is conscripted into the military of an evil regime, he should make every effort to find a noncombatant role or determine if there is a legitimate cause for civil disobedience. Also, he should pray for wisdom and trust that God can glorify Himself in any situation.

What are the benefits of having a family in the military?

There are many advantages to having a family in the military. They will get to travel to different places, meet new people, and usually not have to worry about income. But every family needs to decide if the benefits are great enough to outweigh the disadvantages. Travel to visit extended family is expensive. The military member will often not have a choice of assignments. Spouses and children may not want to move or may be fearful of every new deployment. A commitment is a commitment. A five-year commitment doesn’t change if you meet and marry the love of your life within the first two years. You still have three years to serve, and much of that may be deployed.

What does the Polish army do?

The Polish army pledges to serve and defend the country, guard the constitution, and preserve the honor of both the soldier and the military forces. The U.S. enlisted oath does not mention defending the nation, but does pledge to defend the constitution and obey the lawful orders of the president and officers in command.

What is a good military oath?

A good military oath will demand loyalty to the nation and possibly the law and/or constitution of the nation. A bad oath will pledge allegiance to a specific leader. The German oath includes promises to serve the country and defend the law and the freedom of the German people. The Polish army pledges to serve and defend the country, …

Why did God put civil authorities in place?

God put civil authorities in place to rule mankind. Part of that responsibility is military defense. It is biblical for nations to defend themselves through warfare. Arguments that joining the military is akin to murder reflect political beliefs, not biblical beliefs. First of all, although the King James Version says, …

Is an officer oath necessary?

Although Jesus admonishes us to be of such character that oaths are not necessary, military branches often require them for service. If you can’t make such an oath willingly and with the full intent to keep it, military service probably isn’t …

Do soldiers have rights to kill?

Soldiers under that authority are in their rights to kill —as long as they do so legally (generally, according to the Geneva Convention). This, for the most part, morally absolves soldiers of guilt in regards to legitimate wartime violence.

Why do churches glorify military members?

Churches that tend to glorify military members can run the risk of being insensitive to the horrors of war and the moral challenges many service members have experienced . Pacifist churches risk alienating those who have faced wartime horrors and personal moral conflicts.

What does Jesus say about taking swords?

In fact, in Luke 22:35-37 Jesus commands his disciples to purchase and take swords with them when they go out. We find numerous military metaphors in the New Testament. In Scripture, military metaphors provide helpful examples of strength, battle, suffering, perseverance, and relationship to authority.

What did Jesus tell the centurion to do instead of being soldiers?

Instead of telling them to stop being soldiers, he told them how to act—to not use their power to extort money. Soldiers who were believers in Christ were commended by their Lord and were part of the early church. For example, Jesus praised a humble centurion’s faith ( Matt. 8:5-13; Luke 7:1-10 ).

What does it mean when Jesus tells Peter to put away his sword?

Pacifists sometimes argue from this text that Jesus’ command to Peter to put away his sword means Christians are not to serve in the military, but notice that Jesus did not tell him to get rid of the sword. In fact, in Luke 22:35-37 Jesus commands his disciples to purchase and take swords with them when they go out.

Why should churches come alongside military members and veterans?

Churches should come alongside military members and veterans in order to display the love of Christ. Christians can show love and care for the person serving, as well as for their families who must carry with them the anxiety of separation and knowing the danger facing their loved ones.

How do churches honor veterans?

We honor military members and veterans by teaching God’s word. Churches have an opportunity to learn more deeply from those who have served in the military about sacrifice and risking life—what it means to give up ourselves for others—and what it means to seek peace in love even when injustice makes others an enemy.

What does John 18:11 mean?

On the other hand, those who argue against the legitimacy of Christians serving in the military often point to John 18:11 where, as Jesus was being arrested by soldiers, he commanded Peter to sheath his sword (see parallels in Matthew 26, Mark 14, and Luke 22 ).

What does the Bible say about murder?

Thus the commandment should read, “thou shalt not murder,” which is the translation of the New American Standard Bible. The same Lord said in the following chapter of Exodus that death should be the punishment for certain crimes. Murder is everywhere in the Scripture recognized as sinful and to be condemned.

Why should we preach the gospel of individual salvation?

We should preach the gospel of individual salvation in order that such as believe may be translated into His Kingdom, and we should constantly watch for His coming.

What does it mean to appease an aggressor?

Experience shows that to appease an aggressor whether he be a school-yard bully or an Adolf Hitler, merely encourages him to further and greater aggression.

What can be done to save civilians?

Ordinarily, the best that can be done to save civilians is to get them out of the area to be struck. Further, no ruler can start a war without the obedience of the population. It is that ruler, in fact the nation, which exposes its own civil population to the dangers and suffering of war.

What are the saddest effects of war?

One of the saddest effects of war is the hurt done to women, children and other non-combatants. This was one of the arguments raised against the use of bombing in order to win the war in Vietnam. Obviously, every possible effort should be made to avoid harm to civilians. Nevertheless, many of them are engaged in active support of the war in various ways. Such persons are a fair target. Wherever there is a military force there are nearly always civilians who cannot or will not leave the combat locality in spite of efforts to warn them.

What is the purpose of the Army and Navy?

The Army and Navy are also the servants of the nation and are used for the purposes of national defense policy. In connection with purely defensive purposes may be found offensive action. Our nationals, missionaries, and commercial people may be legitimately in some more distant part of the world.

What is the purpose of the military?

Its legitimate purpose is to insure the peace and security of the nation from outside aggression and in case of domestic insurrections. Just as policemen must be especially armed and trained, so must soldiers. Navies and armies cannot be improvised overnight.

How many people are on PCPJ mailing list?

The PCPJ has a mailing list of 7,000 and a chorus of fans on the group’s web site and Facebook page as its leaders take on theologically questionable pronouncements from prominent Pentecostals and blue-sky meanderings such Jerry Falwell Jr’s statement that coronavirus is actually a North Korean bioweapon.

What is Pentecostalism focused on?

But worldwide, PCPJ leaders say, Pentecostalism is more focused on racial justice, immigration, peace, gender equality, creation care and economic justice. The last two winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and surgeon Denis Mukwege, were both African Pentecostals.

What is the fastest growing form of Christianity?

Pentecostalism has been the world’s fastest-growing form of Christianity for decades and in places like Brazil, it’s taken over Catholicism as the dominant form of spirituality. Globally, it’s gone from six percent of world Christianity in the 1970s to at least 20 percent today – and some estimates are higher.

What do the televangelists don’t realize?

What the televangelists don’t realize, says Grenholm, is that pentecostalism’s history as a movement helped the poor and opposed war. “A lot of Pentecostals are deeply involved in peace and justice work; helping immigrants, poor people and so on,” he says. “I don’t think that prophecy and peace and justice are opposed.

Does PCPJ appeal to charismatics?

He knows that PCPJ may not appeal to the bulk of American charismatics and Pentecostals, but he’s hoping to draw in those on the outskirts. “One goal is that we wish to show Pentecostals and charismatics in the U.S,” he says, “that they are not alone in feeling an uneasiness about Donald Trump.”.

Is protest culture a thing for them?

Protest culture is not a thing for them.”. Fuller Seminary’s Amos Yong, a sympathizer with the PCPJ and the author of “In the Days of Caesar: Pentecostalism and Political Theology,” says Pentecostals and charismatics of color are much more into activism.

Who is Erica Ramirez?

Erica Ramirez, the president of PCPJ and director of research at Auburn Seminary in Manhattan.

What is Cru in the military?

Cru additionally targets soldiers deployed in combat, believing the trauma of combat creates a fertile environment for recruitment . These organizations have teamed up with groups like the Officers’ Christian Fellowship, which seeks, in its words, to produce “a spiritually transformed U.S. military with ambassadors for Christ in uniform.”.

What are some examples of religious groups targeting the military?

On the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s website, example after example of reported religious harassment and preaching that exceeds military regulations can be found, along with numerous examples of religious groups such as Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) and Cadence International specifically targeting the military for recruitment. Groups like Cru believe in something called the “Great Commission,” which comes from Matthew 28:19 and says to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” and have stated a goal of turning the military into “government-paid missionaries for Christ.”

What was the primary faith in the military in 2011?

For example, in 2011 the primary faith in the U.S. military was Catholic, at 20 percent, but only 8 percent of military chaplains were Catholic. And while just 3 percent of all service members identified as a member of an evangelical faith, 33 percent of all the chaplains did. The same year there were only 33 Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, …

Why did the military target military trainees?

According to Cru’s own leaders and documents, the organization specifically targets military trainees as part of its “strategic goals” due to the pressure of the training environment.

What does the Great Commission say about the military?

Groups like Cru believe in something called the “Great Commission,” which comes from Matthew 28:19 and says to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” and have stated a goal of turning the military into “government-paid missionaries for Christ.”. A few years ago a religious network featured two Christian missionaries being embedded as “journalists” …

What was the Air Force Academy urged to do in 2005?

For instance, in 2005 it emerged that evangelical cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy were being urged to proselytize their fellows, warning them they would burn in hell without Jesus. Other allegations included prayers during mandatory meetings, public shaming, and leaders teaching witness classes to cadets.

Why are soldiers complaining about the launch of nuclear weapons?

Complaints are regularly filed by soldiers saying they have been ordered to attend religious events that were presented under the guise of being for morale and welfare. The foundation also found the Air Force units responsible for the launch of nuclear missiles were given a presentation that relied heavily on Christian teachings to give ethical justifications for the use of such weapons. One former service member called the presentation the “Jesus loves nukes speech.”