can you divorce in christianity

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  • Is it okay for Christians to divorce?

  • To answer the question is it okay for a Christian to divorce, the plain and simple answer is NO. Divorce should never be an option for Christians and even to non-Christians as well. Divorce comes with a great price that you might not want to pay if you try to weigh things.

  • What is the Christian view on divorce?

  • The Catholic Views on Divorce. As mentioned earlier, marriage is a holy sacrament signifying the life long unity between two people, and the Catholic church strictly follows this principle. Divorce is strictly prohibited by the Catholic church, and the person is allowed to remarry only if their spouse has passed away.

  • Is divorce allowed in the Christian faith?

  • The Christian is not required to separate or divorce, but it would not be a sin for him to do so in these circumstances. (There may be situations in which one’s mental, physical or spiritual health requires some form of separation, and additional counsel would be wise.

  • Is divorce a sin to God?

  • Divorce is always a result of sin and is never pleasing to God, however, there are reasons for divorce to be justified before God. Sin causes divorce, but divorce itself is not always a sinful act. If possible, seek support and make every effort to reconcile with your spouse.