did paul invent christianity

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  • Did Paul actually convert to Christianity?

  • Paul is described in the traditional view as a Pharisee that struggled with sin and the guilt of not being able to keep the Law. His conversion releases him from the weight of the guilt of his sin; he experiences justification by faith and converts from Judaism to Christianity.

  • Why did Paul change to Christianity?

  • Paul did not change his own life. He did not even know that he needed to change anything. God did it. Paul saw Jesus Christ. Immediately, Paul knew how wrong he had been. So he became a Christian. Soon after this, God showed Paul the purpose of his life.

  • Did St. Paul create Christianity?

  • In summary, Paul did not invent Christianity, but he certainly influenced it perhaps like no other early follower of Christ. Paul’s relationship between early Christianity perhaps might be analogous to Thomas Jefferson and the founding of America.

  • Was Paul the founder of Christianity?

  • PAUL, ST. (died c. A.D. 68), founder of Pauline Christianity. His name was originally Saul. He later claimed that he was a Jew of the tribe of Benjamin, from a long-established Pharisee family in Tarsus.