did the romans bring christianity to britain

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  • What did the Romans bring to Great Britain?

  • The Romans brought many other aspects of Roman life to Britain. For example, they brought Latin as the official language. One of the ways that the Romans encouraged people, especially at an elite level to start engaging with the Roman experience, was to get the aristocrats, the elites, to start behaving in Roman ways.

  • When did Christianity become popular in the UK?

  • Christianity arrived in Britain during the second century. At first only a few people became Christian. When Christianity started to get popular, the Romans banned it. Christians refused to worship the Roman emperor and anyone who was caught following the new religion could be whipped or even executed.

  • When did Christianity take root in the Roman Empire?

  • There are no census records, but Christianity had taken root before the Romans abandoned Britain, around 410. As early as the 2nd Century A.D. there had been Roman travellers to Britain bringing with them rudiments of the new faith. The Roman Empire was a multicultural, faith free-for-all with excellent road and communication networks.

  • How did Roman contact affect the British religion?

  • While in many respects, Roman and Celtic religion combined to form a unique and diverse British religious system, there were several exceptions. One was the persecution and eventual dissolution of Druidic influence. Roman contact influenced and indeed, helped create, British Religion in major ways.