do christians believe in birth control

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  • Should a Christian choose to use birth control?

  • Yes, Christians can use birth control and contraceptives depending on the situation. Using any contraceptive is a sin when you just want to have pleasure and avoid pregnancy outside marriage. However, you can use them in marriage to avoid pregnancies especially if there is a medical condition involved or due to economic reasons.

  • What do religions say about birth control?

  • Taoism, Confucianism and Sikhism . In the Chinese religions, sex and sexual pleasure are esteemed and celebrated along with the need for moderation. Moderation is also considered a virtue in reproduction. Given this, there is little religious resistance to birth control, and abortion is also allowed.

  • Is the IUD acceptable birth control for Christians?

  • By this definition the IUD is still considered contraception. However, life begins when fertilization occurs, so many Christians would consider the IUD an unacceptable method of birth control as it poses a risk to pre-born life, i.e. the potential to cause a very early abortion.

  • Do Christians believe in the birth control?

  • Currently, some of the Christian sects that believe in no birth control include the Roman Catholic Church, although many Catholics have taken issue with this and do support and promote the safe use of birth control.