do christians believe in christmas

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  • How many Christians do not believe in Christmas?

  • 25 Percent of Christians do not believe in celebrating Christmas. 83 Percent of Christians do not believe December 25 is when Jesus Christ was born. 64 Percent of Christians are not OK with letting kids believe in Santa Claus. 39 Percent of Christians are not OK with having a Christmas tree in a church building.

  • Do You Celebrate Christmas according to the Bible?

  • Most Bible-reading Christians say ‘Yes’, Christians should celebrate Christmas. Nearly three times as many Bible-reading Christians say they should celebrate Christmas than those who do not. However, it is significant that 1/4 of Bible-reading Christians indicating that Christians should not celebrate Christmas. “That is the day Jesus was born.

  • Why is it important for Christians to celebrate Christmas?

  • Those Christians who do celebrate Christmas often see the occasion as an opportunity to proclaim Christ as “the reason for the season” among the nations and to those trapped in false religions. As we have seen, there is no legitimate scriptural reason not to celebrate Christmas.

  • Do You Celebrate Christmas or don’t celebrate Christmas?

  • In the end, of course, whether or not to celebrate Christmas is a personal decision. Whatever Christians decide to do regarding Christmas, their views should not be used as a club with which to beat down or denigrate those with opposing views, nor should either view be used as a badge of honor inducing pride over celebrating or not celebrating.