do christians believe in neanderthals

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  • Who was quicker to accept Neanderthals as human?

  • In fact, it may be that young-earth creationists were quicker to accept Neanderthals as human than evolutionists. Today, Christian scientists agree that they were a tribe of people who dispersed after Babel, but there is discussion about why Neanderthals have such a distinctive appearance.

  • How are Neanderthals related to the image of God?

  • Another possibility is a representative view that Adam represented mankind and the image of God was conferred to all humanity including Neanderthals and Adam’s sin likewise was conferred to all those with the image of God. Another possibility is that Neanderthals are not fully human but illicitly had relations with God’s chosen race.

  • Why do progressive creationists believe in Neanderthals?

  • Reasons to Believe (Progressive Creationists): RTB accepts the scientific consensus that Neanderthals lived from over 200,000 years to ca. 40,000 years ago (1). They believe that Neanderthals were a separately created species and thus do not share a common ancestor with modern man and were not endowed with the image of God.

  • Is the Neanderthal the same as Homo sapiens?

  • Others, including Christian scientists, consider them to be another ethnicity of Homo sapiens (Homo sapien neanderthalensis — Humans, by contrast, are scientifically classified as Homo sapien sapien). Neanderthals have a storied past in Christian culture.