do christians celebrate hanukkah

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  • Why are some Christians celebrating Hanukkah?

  • Here are EIGHT REASONS why Christians may wish to celebrate Hanukkah this year: Because Hanukkah is found in the Bible . It’s a biblical feast and celebration of the Jewish people. In John 10:22 we see that Christ engaged in the celebration of Hanukkah.

  • What Christians should know about Hanukkah?

  • 5 Facts Christians Should Know About Hanukkah 1. It reminds us of God’s steadfast love 2. It saved the Holy Temple for Jesus to one day use 3. The story of Christmas begins in the temple 4. Judah foreshadows John the Baptist 5. The Festival of Lights

  • Is it wrong to celebrate Hanukkah?

  • There is nothing wrong with celebrating Hanukkah, any more than it is wrong for people to celebrate a Thanksgiving Day. In fact, the holiday might be considered a Jewish thanksgiving festival. If you want to celebrate it, find a family who would be willing to share their festival with you.

  • Did Jesus celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah?

  • The tradition about Jesus observing Hanukkah is merely one of these, but it is one that invites our attention at this season. Everyone recognizes that Jesus himself was never in a position to celebrate Christmas. Nevertheless, first-century memories about Jesus do associate him with one festival at this season: the festival of Hanukkah.