do christians celebrate passover

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Yes, Christians should celebrate PassoverPassover

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  • What Christians should know about Passover?

  • Passover contains invitations that speak to Christians today. It’s a celebration and a remembrance of our roots, and it’s a story about God and how He loves His people. There’s deep wisdom and profound truths to be found within the traditions of Passover.

  • Should Christians observe the Passover?

  • While Christians are not required to celebrate Passover, there are various reasons many choose to observe a Passover Seder (ritual dinner). A Seder meal is rich in Jewish heritage, giving us an understanding of how Jews worshipped God in the Bible and what God required of them.

  • Do Christians need to keep the Passover?

  • Most Christians don’t celebrate the Passover, since it is seen to belong rather to a Jewish or Old Testament tradition which they believe to be no longer necessary. Among those Christians who do observe the Passover, there are some differences in how this is done.

  • How often did the Jews celebrate the Passover?

  • Passover begins on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nisan (late March or early April in the Gregorian calendar). Passover is celebrated for seven days in Israel and for Reform Jews around the world, and for eight days for most other Jews in the Diaspora (those outside of Israel).