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It’s not a sin to drink alcohol.A Christian can drink alcohol if alcohol addiction isn’t a trap. …A Christian can drink alcohol if doing so won’t cause someone to stumble. Galatians 5:13 says, “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. …A Christian can drink alcohol in moderation—and not to get drunk.

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  • Do Christians smoke and/or drink alcohol?

  • The answer to both is no , but the potential to lead to sin is notable, which is why many Christians refrain from alcohol or tobacco. Drinking and smoking as a Christian is a personal choice, but you need to know your limit and be sure to avoid addiction.

  • Is it alright for Christians to drink alcohol?

  • It’s not a sin for a Christian to drink alcohol. However, a Christian can drink alcohol under these three conditions. 1. A Christian can drink alcohol if alcohol addiction isn’t a trap. No one starts out to be an alcoholic, writes Barry Cameron in Can a Christian Drink Alcohol?

  • Are Orthodox Christians allowed to drink alcohol?

  • The Greek Orthodox Church follows a specific interpretation of the Bible. Followers of this religion avoid certain habits, especially those that they believe could corrupt the soul or lay it open to evil temptation. The teachings do not explicitly forbid drinking alcohol, but they warn against the potential dangers that come from its consumption.

  • Can Christians drink alcohol?

  • Yes, it is permissible for Christians to drink alcohol. It is not a sin to have a drink. But, in saying this, we have to be careful not to encourage the misuse of alcohol upon ourselves or by using it to cause others to stumble. We have freedom in Christ ( Gal. 5:1 ), and all things are lawful ( 1 Cor.