do christians fast

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First and foremost, Christians do not fast in order to earn their salvation. Salvation is based on faith alone in Jesus Christ alone (Ephesians 2:8-9). Not fasting during Ramadan jeopardizes a Muslim’s ability to be with Allah in Paradise. In Christianity, fasting or not fasting has nothing to do with whether a Christian goes to heaven.

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  • Does the Bible require all Christians to fast?

  • The Bible does not actually command fasting. Fasting is not something God requires or demands of Christians. However, the Bible does say that fasting is a profitable and beneficial spiritual discipline. In the book of Acts, believers in the new church fasted together before making important decisions ( Acts 13:2, 14:23 ), and fasting is often combined with prayer, especially prayers of particular import ( Luke 2:37, 5:33 ).

  • Why should we fast as Christians?

  • Christians fast because it helps to create a stronger relationship with God. It helps Christians to see God working in their lives. It also causes Christians to put aside distractions and focus on God.

  • Which religions require fasting and when?

  • Fasting is, in almost all cases, an important act of the devout, and is practiced in Islam, Catholicism, and Buddhism, among many other religions. Fasting is an essential part of the Hindu religion, and is varied in different localities.

  • Why do we fast as Christians?

  • Christians often fast in order to seek guidance from God. The idea is to use the time the believer would normally spend on preparing and eating food to spend with God instead. It provides extra time to spend in prayer, worship and listening. It is also a way of preparing for a spiritual event or change.