does islam and christianity have the same god

does islam and christianity have the same god插图

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The concept of God in Christianity and Islam is not the same. It is not possible that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. The two religions have a different source of authority, different view of Jesus Christ, and different view of salvation.

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  • What are some similarities between Christianity and Islam?

  • Similarities Between Christianity IslamMonotheism. Both Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions, meaning that they worship only one God. …God of Abraham. While Muslims and Christians may dispute the nature of the monotheistic God, they do not dispute the identity of God.Jesus Christ. …Second Coming. …

  • What is the relationship between Muslims and Christians?

  • The complex relationship between Muslims and Christians during the Middle-Ages. Christians and Muslims have always kept ambiguous relationship going. Thanks to the Mediterranean, there have always been lots of contacts between Christians and Muslims. However, these contacts were strengthened with the Crusades during the Middle Ages.

  • How is Islam and Christianity connected?

  • A historical connection between Christianity and Islam begins with the belief in one God. They both are connected Judaism for their start. Even though Christianity has the Bible and Islam has the Quran, they both believe that God inspired them.

  • What is the origin of Christianity and Islam?

  • Christianity was born in the 1 st century. Islam has its origins in the 7 th century. Christianity’s place of origin is Judea. Islam was born in Mecca. Christians believe in the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit).