how did christianity come to eritrea

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  • When did Christianity become the religion in Eritrea?

  • But to residents in Eritrea, life doesn’t work this way. In Eritrea, both Christianity and Islam have ancient roots. Modern-day Eritrea was one of the first countries in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion in the 4th century, for example.

  • Why was Eritrea important to the Italian Empire?

  • Under Italian colonial administration, infrastructure was developed, and a modern administrative state structure was established. The development of the Eritrean colonial state helped to create a distinction between Eritreans as subjects of the Italian crown and their ethnic brothers in Ethiopia.

  • What kind of persecution is there in Eritrea?

  • Persecution in Eritrea. Considered enemies to the state, the government enlists community members to spy on certain Christian groups who they see as “agents of the West.” Once identified, there are reports of Christians houses being attacked and believers being tortured, beaten, and imprisoned in horrific conditions.

  • Do you have freedom of worship in Eritrea?

  • In Eritrea, the right to freedom of worship is a foreign concept. Some faiths report that they are not allowed to hold religious gatherings, or private worship or religious weddings.