how did christianity expand

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How Did Christianity Spread?The First ‘Churches’ of Christianity. The earliest Christians did not have church buildings. …The Lives of Early Christians. And what kind of lives did they lead? …Admired Compassion of Christians. …Strength in Faith. …

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  • How did Christianity spread in the Roman Empire?

  • Instead, the faith spread through a multitude of humble, ordinary believers whose names have been long forgotten. Early Christianity was primarily an urban faith, establishing itself in the city centers of the Roman Empire. Most of the people lived close together in crowded tenements.

  • How did the early growth of Christianity happen?

  • First of all, we must set aside the pietistic belief that Christianity’s early growth happened entirely because of miracles — the signs and wonders wrought by a special out-pouring of the Holy Spirit. Certainly, the providence and grace of God is always an essential factor.

  • How did the Crusades affect the spread of Christianity?

  • The Crusades ultimately failed to stifle Islamic aggression and even contributed to Christian enmity with the sacking of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade. Over a period stretching from the 7 th to the 13 th century, the Christian Church underwent gradual alienation.

  • How did Christianity influence the development of Western civilization?

  • Christianity has been an important part of the shaping of Western civilization, at least since the 4 th century. (43) Around 500, St. Benedict set out his Monastic Rule , establishing a system of regulations for the foundation and running of monasteries.