how did church doctrine help to unify early christians

how did church doctrine help to unify early christians插图

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  • Why did Christianity spread in the Roman Empire?

  • The Roman bishop held more power than other bishops so he became the head bishop of the Catholic church. What were two main reasons Christianity spread during Roman times? Because of the roads and the spread of multiple languages it made it much easier for Christianity to spread. Why were early Christians considered traitors to the Roman Empire?

  • What was the role of the bishop in the early church?

  • Compare the responsibilities of a priest and a bishop in the early Christian church. Priests led worship services and managed local church activities. Bishops explained Christian beliefs to other clergy and laity and managed regional church affairs. Why did bishops meet in councils?

  • What did the schism of the early church mean?

  • Someone who opposes the practice. When the early church underwent a schism, does that mean it changed its most important doctrines? Not necessarily, the schism was over how much power the pope had over the governments of Europe. What different views of the role of the church in government did the Eastern and Western churches have?

  • Why did the Apostles meet to set up the church?

  • They met to set up the doctrine for the church so that the message was unified and priests did not freelance their teachings. Is an iconoclast someone who believes in using icons in worship or someone who opposes this practice? Someone who opposes the practice.