how did early christians pray

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  • What did the early Christians do in prayer?

  • The assembled believers responded by turning the matter over to their Lord in prayer. They began praying by acknowledging the power of God who created all things. They continued by affirming the truth of Scripture, especially as they saw it being fulfilled in their lives.

  • Where does the pattern of daily prayer come from?

  • The earliest references that we have to a pattern of Christian daily prayer is that of praying three times a day, and it comes from the Didache , written toward the end of the first century. It states that the Lord’s Prayer should be said three times a day, but does not say at which times.

  • What did Jesus teach the first century Christians?

  • He did. Then He instructed them to teach others what He had taught them. From Jesus, to the apostles, to the first-century Christians, and down through the years to us, believers have taught and practiced prayer. As we focus on prayer in the book of Acts, we find that it was a core value of the early church.

  • Did the Apostles worship and pray to Jesus as Lord?

  • Did the Apostles and Early Christians Worship and Pray to Jesus as Lord? After Jesus ascended, the apostles stunned both Jew and Roman by proclaiming Jesus as “Lord.” And the apostles did the unthinkable and worshipped Jesus, even praying to him as if he was God.