how did martyrs help spread christianity

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  • What factors helped spread Christianity?

  • The major starting factor to the spread of Christianity was Constantine. He made Christianity the religion of Rome and built Constantinople, the new Christian capitol of the eastern Roman Empire. Christianity did not have very easy though. They were widely persecuted, and most everyone had contempt for them.

  • What is the persecution of the church?

  • Persecution drove the early church underground and helped it spread into other parts of the world. Systemic persecution against Christians ended in the Roman empire about 313 A.D., when the emperor Constantine I signed the Edict of Milan, guaranteeing freedom of religion to all people.

  • How did Christianity spread through Rome?

  • 10 Reasons Why Christianity Spread Throughout the Roman EmpireDecline of paganism within the Empire. It’s hard to track the exact century, let alone a specific date when paganism became outdated in the eyes of the Roman populace.Stoicism. Stoicism was by many thinkers a philosophical predecessor of Christianity. …Rampant social inequality. Paganism provided no sense of justice for the poor, and social inequality was treated as a merely practical problem, if even that.More items…