how did missionaries spread christianity throughout europe

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  • What factors helped spread Christianity?

  • The major starting factor to the spread of Christianity was Constantine. He made Christianity the religion of Rome and built Constantinople, the new Christian capitol of the eastern Roman Empire. Christianity did not have very easy though. They were widely persecuted, and most everyone had contempt for them.

  • Which is missionary spread early Christianity?

  • St. Paul’s missionary travels in the eastern Mediterranean. By the time of Constantine (reigned 306-337 ce ), Christianity had spread to all parts of the Roman Empire, both East and West. Although paganism and local religions lingered, by about 500 ce the population of the Roman Empire was predominantly Christian.

  • Is Christianity still spreading?

  • 7 Surprising Trends in Global Christianity in 2019 Christianity is growing faster than the population. Globally, Christianity is growing at a 1.27% rate. … Pentecostals and Evangelicals are growing the fastest and are still picking up speed. Among Christian groups, Pentecostals (2.26%) and evangelicals (2.19%) are growing faster than others. Atheism has peaked. … More items…

  • Who were the first missionaries?

  • Both views have merit. The first missionaries to arrive in Hawaii were a group of Americans, who sailed aboard a ship called the Thaddeus and arrived on March 30, 1820. Among them were Hiram Bingham, his wife Sybil, and Asa and Lucy Thurston.