how did st paul spread christianity

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St. Paul spreads Christianity to the ends of the earth. The Acts of the ApostlesActs of the Apostles

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  • How did the Apostle Paul encourage the spread of Christianity?

  • There are several ways in which the apostle Paul encouraged the spread of Christianity, but the main way was that he sent out missionaries .

  • Why was Paul important to the spread of Christianity?

  • Paul had a major impact on these spread of Christianity through his mission journeys, contributing to the religious traditions and helping expand Jesus’ original teachings. The reason behind Paul being a significant person in Christianity is because he contributed to the development of Christianity.

  • Did Paul actually convert to Christianity?

  • Paul is described in the traditional view as a Pharisee that struggled with sin and the guilt of not being able to keep the Law. His conversion releases him from the weight of the guilt of his sin; he experiences justification by faith and converts from Judaism to Christianity.

  • How did St. Paul help the development of Christianity?

  • How Saint Paul’s Travels Have Impacted Early Christianity. Saint Paul is considered by many to be one of the most important figures in the development of the Christian faith. His missionary travels took him far and wide through Antioch, in Syria and through modern day Turkey and Greece. This enabled him to preach to many Gentiles about the gospel of Christ.