how did the romans help spread christianity

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  • What factors helped spread Christianity?

  • The major starting factor to the spread of Christianity was Constantine. He made Christianity the religion of Rome and built Constantinople, the new Christian capitol of the eastern Roman Empire. Christianity did not have very easy though. They were widely persecuted, and most everyone had contempt for them.

  • How did Rome shape Christianity?

  • The Roman Empire helped the spread of Christianity by providing a sense of security and stability when the church was birthed. It provided good roads for the gospel to be taken to the ends of the empire and beyond.

  • What was the religion of the Pax Romana?

  • (Audio) Early in the Pax Romana, a new religion, Christianity, arose in a distant corner of the Roman empire. At first, Christianity was one of many religions practiced in the empire. But the new faith grew rapidly, and throughout the A.D. 380s and 390s it was gradually made the official religion of the Roman empire.

  • What was the official religion of the Roman Empire?

  • Religion in the Roman Empire. The official Roman religion was the worship of a large group of Greco Roman gods suchs a Jupiter, Juno, Minerva and Mars. Roman priest were responsible for the proper ritual worship to the gods. The very success of the Roman Empire proved that the Romans had properly worshiped their gods.