how many christians in new zealand

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Religion in New Zealand encompasses a wide range of groups and beliefs. Almost half (48.6 percent) of New Zealanders stated they had no religion in the 2018 census and 6.7 percent made no declaration. However, Christianity remains the most common religion; 37 percent of the population at the 2018 census identified as Christian.

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  • How many people have no religion in New Zealand?

  • More than 2 million New Zealanders say they have no religion, Stats NZ said today. In the 2018 Census, 2,264,601 people in the census usually resident population count reported they had no religion.

  • How are people in New Zealand about Jesus?

  • Most New Zealanders positively connect Jesus with love. Perceptions towards Jesus are often quite positive; non-Christians suggest he is relatable, approachable and gracious. But there are major hurdles.

  • Which is the most popular religion in the UK?

  • Out of the different Christian churches, Anglicans topped the list at 314,913, while 295,734 people identified as Roman Catholic, 221,199 as Presbyterian and 52,743 as Methodist. The Census figures also show an increasing number of people who follow other religions than Christianity.

  • How many people did not complete census in New Zealand?

  • Statistics NZ has released some data on religious affiliations from the 2018 Census. They have conceded that one in six people did not complete the census, which was run online for the first time. The data, therefore, may be understated.