how many countries is christianity banned in

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  • Are there any countries that have banned the Bible?

  • China: The Chinese communist party is cracking down so much on Christianity, and recently, the authorities have banned online Bible downloads, emptied bookshops of Bibles, and even went to the extent of altering the verse of the scriptures, replacing them with President Xi words. God will have His way there. They tearing down Churches in china.

  • Are there any countries where Christians are persecuted?

  • Somalia, Pakistan, and Nigeria have faced recent insurgencies of terrorist groups that have kidnapped, murdered, and brutalized Christians. Does the persecution of Christians in these countries, and many others, mean that those who hate Christians are bad people? Not necessarily.

  • Is it illegal to own a copy of the Bible?

  • It is my understanding that in many countries of the world, it is illegal to print or own a copy of the Bible. Is there any compilation of which countries have banned the Bible? As an aside, if you know of any other widely banned books, I’d be interested to know what they are.

  • Which is the most banned book in the world?

  • Actually, most lists I’ve seen have put Salaman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ as being the most banned book, with some countries making printing and possession of the book punishable by death, and Jihadists putting a death warrant out for Rushdie, even while he lived in America.