how many jews are christians

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  • Are there any Jewish Christians in the world?

  • According to both religious and liberal Jews and also according to most Christians, there are none. A Jew who accepts Jesus as more than a regular human being is fully Christian; and his continuing to keep various Jewish practices does not change that. You probably meant to ask how many people there are who label themselves as Jewish Christians.

  • How many Christians identify as Jews by affinity?

  • A surprising finding is that 720,000 Christians are “Jews by affinity” who identify themselves as Jews understood under the terminology “grafted-in” Jew. The term originates from New Testament descriptions of Gentiles as being grafted in as a branch of Israel by believing in the Jewish messiah Jesus.

  • Are there any statistics on Jews converting to Christianity?

  • These statistics ONLY represent Jews in the U.S.A. with one exception in Canada. These statistics do not take into account the many, many thousands of Jews who have converted to Christianity in the Former Soviet Union and other major Jewish communities in Europe, South America, Australia, South Africa and Israel etc.

  • What’s the difference between Jewish and Christian beliefs?

  • The Jewish faith believes that Jesus Christ was simply another ordinary Jew. He was not the Messiah or a divine person in any capacity. The Christian faith believes that Jesus Christ is the second person of the Trinity, God the Son. 7. The Mission of Jesus Christ