how many muslims convert to christianity every year

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  • How many Muslims have converted to Christianity?

  • In 2018, the U.S. State Department estimated that there were 500,000 Christian converts from Muslim families. Today the estimate is between one and three million. Today the estimate is between one and three million .

  • What if a Muslim converts to Christianity?

  • When a Muslim converts to Christianity, the inward and outward separation from parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends is bitter and deep. The convert is rarely severed from his family on peaceful terms but rather is ridiculed as accursed and despised. The we of his deepest roots is irreparably broken.

  • Can you convert from Islam to Christianity?

  • Answer Wiki. By law, a Muslim can convert to Christianity without any major issues unlike in the countries of Jordan, Egypt, or Syria or the Gulf countries. In some cases between different sects, conversions take place. For example, the Orthodox Church expects the Muslim to convert if they are going to officiate the wedding.

  • What is the process of converting to Islam?

  • Conversion involves learning, not just the tenets and practices of Islam, but also about how to live as a Muslim. The conversion process may include stages of zealotry, disappointment, acceptance and secularisation. Like other Muslims, converts experience Islamophobia.