how many people belive in christianity

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  • What percentage of the US population is Christian?

  • The United States has been called a Protestant nation by a variety of sources. In 2019, Christians represent 65% of the total adult population, 43% identifying as Protestants, 20% as Catholics, and 2% as Mormons. People with no formal religious identity at 26% of the total population.

  • What percentage of the world is Muslim?

  • According to a study in 2020, Islam has 1.9 billion adherents, making up about 24.7% of the world population. Most Muslims are either of two denominations: Sunni (87-90%, roughly 1.7 billion people) or Shia (10-13%, roughly 180-230 million people).

  • What is the population of Christians?

  • Of the approximate 2 billion Christians in the world today, 279 million (12.8% of the world’s Christian population) identify themselves as Pentecostals, 304 million (14%) are Charismatics, and 285 million (13.1%) are Evangelicals or Bible-believing Christians.

  • What is the Christian population of Israel?

  • The Christian Population of Israel The Central Bureau of Statistics reported at the end of 2019 that the Christian population of Israel was approximately 177,000, or 2% of the overall population. More than three-quarters (77.5%) of Christians are Arabs, representing 7.2% of all Israeli-Arab citizens.