how many people practice christianity

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  • What countries practice Christianity?

  • Other nations that have a large number of Christians include:MexicoPhilippinesNigeriaRussiaDemocratic Republic of CongoItalyEthiopiaGermanyColombiaSouth Africa

  • Which religion has the most people?

  • List of the World’s largest religions Religion Number of followers Christianity 2.4 billion Islam 1.8 billion Hinduism 1.1 billion Korean shamanism 10 million Confucianism 6 million Caodaism 4.4 million. Christianity is the world’s most practiced religion in 2019, and experts estimate that it will remain as the largest religion in the world for many years to …

  • Where is Christianity predominantly practiced?

  • Christianity is practiced all over the world. It is the majority religion in much of the world, including North and South America, most of Europe, Australia, and sub-Saharan Africa, and a minority religion in large parts of Africa and Asia.

  • What is the most practiced religion?

  • The Answer: According to many sources, Christianity is the most practiced religion. Not all religions, however, keep track of their adherents and certain sects count their numbers differently. See more about Top Ten Organized Religions of the World.