how old was paul when he converted to christianity

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  • Why is Paul important to Christianity?

  • Paul, a later apostle, was another important teacher of Christianity. Paul was a new believer in Christianity. After he became a convert, he spent the rest of his life explaining the teachings of Jesus to others, converting both Jews and non-Jews to Christianity.

  • How long did Paul preach?

  • Preaches the gospel without hindrance for two whole years in his rented house ( Acts 28:30-31 ).

  • How old was the Apostle Paul when he died?

  • Scholars estimate that Paul the Apostle was between 62 and 68 years old when he died. Though the Bible does not record how Paul died, Ignatius of Antioch stated that Paul was martyred. Traditionally, it is believed that he was beheaded in Rome around AD 64.

  • When did Paul get converted?

  • The Conversion of Saul is believed to have been created around 1542, or perhaps 1543, or 1545. It is currently kept in the Cappella Paolina within the Vatican Palace in Vatican City.