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  • Can you change religion in Crusader Kings 2?

  • The religion of a character in Crusader Kings 2 can, like the religion of a province, also be changed very easily. Changing the religion of a character is done with the religion [Character ID]

  • What’s the best way to convert to Christianity?

  • Believe in Jesus as Savior Be willing to accept the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart. Converting to Christianity is based on your belief that Jesus is God’s only begotten Son, and that He does all manner of miracles including Salvation. Be saved by believing the Christian gospel (1 Corinthians 15:3-4).

  • When do you pick up heresies in Crusader Kings 2?

  • Courtiers and (non-clergy) rulers can pick up heresies by living in a heretic province. The mean time to happen varies between 50 months and 7200 months, depending on the moral authority of the main religion and the character’s traits. Players (but not AI) have the option to decline when the event fires.

  • How to learn how to convert to a religion?

  • These are a few steps to help you learn how to convert to the religion. Start with exploration: You might go to a large evangelical meeting in a stadium or a small group Bible study. The size does not matter for where the Spirit of God is presented/manifested: there you’ll find the love, joy and peace of God that can satisfy the seeker’s soul.