how to explain christianity to an atheist

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  • What causes a Christian to become an atheist?

  • One of the biggest reasons this Christian turned atheist had for turning away from God is that he seemed unprepared to differentiate or understand how the Christian God compared (or ‘competed’) with other concepts of God (the Christian God vs. Buddah, for example).

  • Can an atheist ever become a Christian?

  • Not every atheist can be convinced to become a Christian. If a person is resistant to the idea, don’t waste your time by pushing more and more. Instead, let it go. They will come back to you (or another Christian) if they change their mind. Focus on ways you can make a real difference in other ways.

  • What does it mean to be a Christian atheist?

  • Craig Groeschel defines a Christian Atheist as someone who believes in God , but lives as though He doesn’t exist. Believing in Him must lead to knowing Him. The way to know Him is to study the word of God, and spend time with others who are doing the same.

  • How can you help an atheist become Christian?

  • Accept that you do not currently believe, and do not get too hung up on it. …Attempt to live as if you did belief, as if you were a Christian. …Do not broadcast your atheism, but do not conceal your doubts either. …Learn about the positive aspects of Christianity. …More items…