is astrology against christianity

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However, astrology and horoscopes are pretty offensive to God’s teachings. It attributes God’s hard work to stars and planets. God alone used His powers to create your life, and has a plan for you that He will reveal on His timing.

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  • Why is Christianity opposed to astrology?

  • Still, Christianity, for the majority of its history, has denounced astrology due to contrasting philosophical outlooks. This derision received its greatest articulation through St. Augustine, who not only refuted astrology but claimed that its practitioners were condemned to eternal damnation.

  • Is astrology really a sin?

  • Not only is astrology a sin it is demonic as well. If you were to have anything to do with astrology in the Old Testament you would have been stoned to death. Astrologers and people who seek them are an abomination to God.

  • Is Christianity based on astrology?

  • The first reference to astrology in early Christianity is in the book of Genesis. The book of Genesis states that the stars in the heavens are all the creations of God. God created the Sun and the Moon as lights in the sky to govern the day and the night.

  • Is it okay for Christians to read horoscopes?

  • Horoscopes should not be read by Christians, and instead we should place our faith in our future by communicating with God.