is christianity an ideology

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  • Is Christianity really a monotheistic religion?

  • The Christian belief that there is only one god in existence. This is what makes Christianity a monotheistic religion. In Christian thought there is one god (in being) but god is more than one (in person). Monotheism is about the being of god and not the person of god. Fin.

  • What are the main differences between religion and ideology?

  • Religion has nothing to do with politics whereas Ideology has a lot to do with politics. This is also an important difference between religion and ideology. Religion has basic texts to follow whereas ideology has basic concepts and principles to follow. Religion often develops from founders and religious heads.

  • Is Christianity a religion or a philosophy?

  • Christianity is not purely a religion, it is a way of life that follows the path of a Person called Christ. To understand this statement better, check up on: Why Christianity is NOTa Religion| Philippians1v21..

  • Is Christianity Gods Religion?

  • The Christian God. Christianity is one of the three major monotheistic world religions. Like Jews and Muslims, Christians believe one God who created the world and takes an interest in the humans who inhabit it.