is christianity growing in russia

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  • Is Russia becoming a Christian nation?

  • Russia — the former Communist state — formally calls itself a Christian nation. It is a Christian nation in Russia today. And Putin recognizes that and preserves that.

  • How did the Christianity spread to Russia?

  • Christianity in this part of Russia spread rather quickly and peacefully. This happened mainly because Christianity did not have to compete with an established pagan religion and the related class of priests. Sorcerers from the north would sometimes cause a disturbance among the people.

  • How many Catholics in Russia?

  • These official estimates used by the Catholic Church hold that there are 300,000 Catholics of the Latin Rite in Western Russia, 60,000 to 100,000 (35,000 foreigners) in Moscow and about 1000,000 in Asian Russia.

  • What is the growth rate of Christianity?

  • The U.S. Center for World Mission stated a growth rate of Christianity at 2.3% for the period 1970 to 1996 (slightly higher than the world population growth rate at the time). This increased the claimed percentage of adherents of Christianity from 33.7% to 33.9%.