is christianity growing or declining

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  • Is Christianity dying out in America?

  • American Christianity Is Dying. There is good evidence that the Christian faith in the United States of America is in the process of change and decay. The evidence is that the main line, old line Christian denominations, continue to lose members. Death and desertion are taking their toll.

  • Is Christianity growing or shrinking?

  • Christian faith is growing in bounds and in materials, but is shrinking in spirituality. There are so many churches with so many pastors, but the spiritual impact is not felt because of selfishness. Christianity is expanding in bounds, as far as materials things, physical structures and human resources are concerned.

  • Is the Christian Church dying?

  • The Christian Church is Dying. The Christian Church in the United States is dying. That should come as no surprise to anyone. It happened in Western Europe and Australia after World War II. It happened in Canada and Ireland as well.

  • Is Christianity declining worldwide?

  • Christianity is ultimately a declining religion, in Europe, and all over the developed world (including some non-Western countries, cf. China hereunder). I think that the reason is that it has lost any sense in modernity and is no longer able to compete with the forces at play in societies.