is henna bad for christians

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  • Are henna tattoos appropriate for Christians?

  • Christian art has mushroomed, and it is quite common to see crosses, Scripture verses, and other religious symbols tattooed on moral, Christ-honoring people. As a nod toward the trend, but without committing to a lifetime of ink, henna tattoos are now an option.

  • What is henna used for?

  • Since ancient times, it has been used to color skin, hair, fingernails, leather, and wool. Henna is also used to make dyes or pastes for the art of creating temporary tattoos.

  • Is a henna tattoo permanent or temporary?

  • Because henna tattoos are temporary, they don’t necessarily carry the same message that permanent ink tattoos may. Getting a henna tattoo is similar to drawing on our skin with a Sharpie marker.

  • What is mehendi or henna tattoo?

  • The Hindu marriage season is a special time for Henna tattoos or ‘Mehendi.’ Hindus often use the term ‘Mehendi’ interchangeably with marriage, and Mehendi is considered among the most auspicious ‘ornaments’ of a married woman.