is sociology and christianity compatible

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  • Why should a Christian not study sociology?

  • There is no reason why a Christian should not study sociology. Understanding the patterns of human behavior and the cause and effect of that behavior is good, useful knowledge that can be applied in many contexts.

  • Are Christianity and psychology incompatible?

  • We are concerned that the counseling we provide should be thoroughly biblical in character as well as scientifically sound. Ultimately it is not the wisdom of man but the work of the Holy Spirit that heals. In short, we can’t possibly agree with those who maintain that Christianity and psychology are completely incompatible.

  • What is the relationship between God and sociology?

  • Since God is a relational Being, human beings are also relational. Part of being created in God’s image ( Genesis 1:27) is that we are social creatures who naturally organize into societies. Sociology, then, can be seen as part of a broader study of human nature.

  • Are science and religion compatible?

  • Religion and Science are compatible. There are several different lines of argument for the view that religious belief systems and scientific belief systems are compatible. Stephen Jay Gould argued that science and religion were concerned with different aspects of human life which deal with different human needs.