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  • How old was Christiane F in the movie?

  • Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (original title) R | 2h 18min | Biography, Drama | 2 April 1981 (USA) This movie portrays the drug scene in Berlin in the 1970s, following tape recordings of Christiane F. 14-year-old Christiane lives with her mother and little sister in a typical multi-story…

  • What kind of music does Christiane F play?

  • Christiane F. plays the David Bowie album, ChangesOneBowie, in her room. But the song that is heard – the German version of Heroes (Helden) – is not on that particular record.

  • Where does Christiane F go to the sound?

  • She discovers a place called The Sound, a cavernous disco located near the posh and touristy Kurfuerstendamm. The Sound is a seedy teen hangout, infested with drugs, and with dealers only too happy to feed Valium and heroin to kids eager to escape their dreary reality and to have fun. Here is where Christiane meets Detlef, a boy her age.

  • Where does Christiane in Hell on Earth?

  • Christiane, a young teenager from a hell on Earth place called Gropistadt, a truly dark and bleak part of Neukoln, West Berlin. A place where there is absolutely nothing for a teenager to do.